Coffee machine MELITTA Caffeo F 630-101 CI Touch
F 630-101 CI Touch S
The MELITTA Caffeo CI Touch coffee machine is distinguished by its laconic but sophisticated design, due to which it will perfectl..
63,990 ₽
+ 100 bonuses
Monitor Cinema Display 27
Monitor Cinema Display 27
Product 15
Тип матрицы: IPS Поверхность дисплея: Глянец Опер. память: 8Gb Наим. процессора: Core I7 Тактовая частота: 3.3GHz
59,000 ₽
Форма для ль
Refrigerator Bosch Serie 2 KGN36NL13R
Refrigerator Bosch Serie 2 KGN36NL13R
Bosch Serie | 2 KGN36NL13R is an elegant bottom freezer refrigerator. This is a roomy model with convenient electronic controls.AU..
27,990 ₽
Electric oven BOSCH HBN 331E1S
The Bosch HBN331E1S electric oven is mounted independently of the hob. The spacious 66 liter model will make cooking any meal a re..
19,900 ₽
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